Purchased goods refund is implemented pursuant to the R.Georgia legislation on “Defence of rights of consumers”.

Reference: Goods acceptance.

While accepting the goods, you are entitled to verify its external appearance, flaws and package contents. You can present your recommendations about delivered goods external appearance or package contents only when seller transfers you the goods. After delivery, custody liability is transferred to the customer, and any considerations with regard to package contents and external appearance shall not be accepted. In case of receiving goods through delivery, you are entitled to check the products and package contents at the very moment of receiving it. If the external appearance of the product and package contents does not correspond to your order, you can make a verification act, on the basis of which exchange of the following goods or payment refund shall be implemented. After signing delivery receipt, complaints about external appearance and package contents cannot be accepted. Tea, bought from internet-shop is not subject to refund or exchange, if opened or used.

Refund of goods in appropriate quality during 7 days.

You are entitled to refuse the goods or demand refund within 7 days after receiving the goods. It is possible only if the product is in proper shape, has not been used, its appearance for sale, label, sales papers and whole package contents are maintained. Refund shall be implemented within 10 days after submitting a written demand by the customer. If you are outside Rep.of Georgia , refund is implemented after the product is returned and examined. Refund for products, returned in proper shape, shall be implemented if the product delivery expenses are surcharged, if the delivery was accomplished by the supplying company.

Refund of goods in appropriate quality during 14 days.

You can exchange the goods within 14 days from the day of purchase, returning it in appropriate condition. You will either receive the same or other products if the returned product has not been used and its packaging, label, and sale papers are not damaged.

In case of exchange of goods in appropriate quality, the accomplished expenses shall be subject to recalculation and when applicable shall be subject to chargeback.

In case of cancellation of transaction with Cards ( Visa, Master) the payment shall be transmitted back to that card, from which the transfer was made during 5 working days.